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Clinical Uploader App

Clinical photographs are an integral part of healthcare and their use is widespread in disease & wound management and treatment planning. They are also an invaluable resource for medical education and research. 

Centralisation and standardisation of image capture and storage is key to ensuring an organisation has appropriate permission and capability to manage these valuable assets.

To help you with this, Medialogix has created the Clinical Uploader App to help you and your organisation by providing a simple and Information Governance compliant product to enable all authorised staff to have a solution at their fingertips. 

The Clinical Uploader App enables users to collect all the necessary patient identification data, clinical data, consent, photographs and videoclips in one single package which is transferred securely to the organisation’s preferred choice of central image management system – it is that simple!

We fully recommend FotoWare DAM solutions for your central image management system as it is highly configurable and has the ability to integrate with EPR and other existing hospital systems. Please contact sales@medialogix.co.uk for further information.



  • Urgent and time critical theatre photography

  • Out of hours clinical photography

  • Community working

  • Accident and Emergency

  • Ambulance crew

  • Business continuity in the event of staff shortages

  • All instances where Clinical Photographers are not employed or are unavailable



A ’Data Protection by Design’ approach ensures that essential data relating to the photographs is collected prior to upload to ensure that appropriate management controls in the central image management database are supported.

Images are taken within the App and are never visible in the device gallery. All images are temporarily stored in the encrypted App container and deleted once uploaded, significantly reducing organisational risk of data breaches.



The Clinical Uploader App is designed to enable integration with established hospital image management systems for centralised viewing and management of user access. The app works with Active Directory eliminating the need for separate login passwords. Patient demographics are accessed and verified via the hospital PAS, EPR or job management system.

If your organisation doesn’t currently have an image management system, please contact sales@medialogix.co.uk where we can talk through your options.